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5 Steps To Ease Anxiety 🖐️

Anxiety can come in many forms and affect children differently. If your child is feeling anxious or stressed following the steps in the image can help!

Find out more about our services at: https://t.co/hA6Qxaow4p

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Throwback To Our Trips To Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive 💼

Read about our amazing trips to the school: https://t.co/cBCTZRTjvZ

#thebaxterproject #thetagroup #dogs

Meet Iolo! 🐾

Iolo is an energetic springer spaniel! If Iolo wasn't part of The Baxter Project they dreamed of being a carrot farmer, running in between the carrot patches and making friends with all the rabbits. 🥕🐰

#thebaxterproject #thetagroup #dogs

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